the uniform code

I just wanted to share some of my accessories I wore on the weekend with my cousins amazing Zimmerman top, supre matte finish tights and Zu healed ankle boots. I had an amazing time and everyone looked fantastic! Everytime I went to the bathroom I'd check out all the girls shoes. I noticed my friends had the Jeffrey Campbell Pixie wedge I was eye-ing, as well as the Maurie & eve suede wedges I also was considering. Atm i'm still waiting on my Clinics to come in the post but as soon as they come I probably will never take them off... eat, sleep, breathe my JC wedges.. ahh can't wait!

Right hand: (L-R) diva intertwined rings, armour ring, diva ring


Left hand: (L-R) diva snake ring, tree of life ring, diva black diamond ring, rubi bracelets

Zu boots



WEDGES! just wow! I wish I could wear them 24/7
wedges for uni
wedges for home
wedges for driving
wedges for shopping
wedges for sleeping.. ugg boot wedges?
hmm.. well you catch my drift? I'm obsessed with them!
Ever since I went to the Philippines december last year to january this year I was looking EVERYWHERE for them, although I do think they had some nice ones in the Philippines I was blinded by finding some nice lace up ones like the atacoma acne ones. But now that there as some in Australia (like 5908983 months late) I already ordered my Jeffrey Campbell Clinics, so until I have a Job or the wedges magically drop from shoe heaven and wedge onto my feet I won't be sporting them anytime soon. oh well.. we can dream! here's some pics of wedges I've been dreaming of .. and of course the clinics im getting! =)
NOTE: if your a sydney-sider you can purchase yourself some wedges at Wanted, Sportsgirl, and ALDO. You could buy online at Solestruck, Karmaloop, Oak-nyc, and Topshop as they all ship to Australia. OR if your looking at a higher price range and want them to be more 'exclusive' you can go to Paddington on Oxford st in stores like Incu -- and ..I can't exactly remember all the store names but oxford st (I know its long) but it's pretty good.. if you've go the money $$$ also my fav store TUCHUZY in bondi its amazing! just go there!

May all your wedges dreams come true

xoxo B



Here's just a few photos on what we did the other day =) we had so much fun taking photos for our first real blog post... you could call it our "blog launch" haha.

So my two sisters Grace and Angelica, our friend Kat and I went out and took some snaps last saturday morning.
Baz wore graces jumpsuit - which i loveeee, my black lace books that were originally thigh-high and got them cut down (they looked so stupid on me.. the cut was necessary!) my minkpink leotard, thomas sabo 'world' charm necklace and my new ring from ebay =)

Angelica wore my bardot coral/pink blazer, topshop crop top, minkpink singlet, studded oxfords, black tights and rayban aviators.
We had so much fun out in the sun shooting some pics.. it was hilarious to watch.
Grace: (our older sister) played - director
Kat (graces friend/part of our fam) = photographer


on the 7th day, lady love was born

We (Angelica and Baz) created this blog tonight because we have been inspired by other fashion bloggers such as fashion toast, karen-where did you get that, karla's closet and jess loves fred just to name a few. Collectively, they have inspired us to find personality in what we wear, be creative, be unique and always love what your wearing!
I know I love fashion because I can dress up in any way to be who I want to be at any given moment - except if already dressed and out of my house. haa

anyways hopefully i'll post some pics up soon =)

p.s welcome to our world, our LITTLE-LADY LOVE

xoxo B