Sorry for the lack of posts, this past week I have been away running a leaders seminar for my other job as a youth minister. The photos above are a few of my favourite pictures from the week. I'm glad to be home, and ready to get my blog on and hopefully post an outfit soon.
P.s I've got some exciting news...this sunday Glassons Burwood will close for our beautiful refurb that I can not wait for!! 
P.p.s I start my La Sallian youth ministry job at my school this week... what to wear? 
P.p.p.s I'm out, sleep time
xoxo little B.


K S U B I ++

So I was just casually browsing the Ksubi website for the perfect pair of shades when this popped up. It has to to be one of the most engaging website welcoming videos I've seen. 10 Gold stars to Ksubi! I spent the next 10 minutes browsing their site. Check it out kids:
welcome to earth from ksubi on Vimeo.

Awesome right?


Stroke the furry wall

Glassons Faux Fur vest, singlet, shorts and necklace, Zara Belt, Jeffrey Campbell Clinics and Kanzi Bag.
 Yes, I may be a little bit GaGa for wearing this faux fur vest in this humid weather. But I was so excited when we got this at work I had to buy it asap!! I wore this exact outfit to work the other day and as soon as I put it on I felt like Rachel Zoe styling customers and grabbing clothes for them -- its an awesome feeling. A black and gold Hermes cuff wrapped around my wrist would be the cherry on top of this Rachel Zoe-esk outfit. Everyone needs a faux fur vest come autumn and winter. Be a little daring. Feel a little glamourous. Do it!

Be confident and live everyday glamourously! 
xoxo little B


Lighten up.

 This past week I've been so busy with work that I'm convinced that I cannot escape getting varicose veins :( Standing for 5 or more hours straight is bound to take some toll on my feet, so on my days off - like today, I tried not too walk too much. But being the nice sister that I am, I accompanied Grace who accompanied Angelica to Sydney's Whitehouse Institute of Design for her week-long course. Getting there involved minimal walking so I was pretty happy.  Plus, we were able to take a few snaps in this cool side street before we headed on home. Btw these shots required waiting a few minutes for the rubbish truck to leave as well as moments of slight embarrassment as men working on one of the units behind me walked back and forth starring at me and probably thinking: 'What the hell are these girls doing?' ohh well...all for the love of blogging! Right? 
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P.s it was really nice to meet two of my readers last week - very very unexpected! Special shout out to Jo if your reading this :)
xoxo Baz

Mums floral top, Zara skirt, Payless shoes.



Meet my friend Emma. One year out of high school she's transferred universities, modelled here in syd and now moved to the UK. She is definitely one face to watch!

After being repeatedly told to model during high school but pursuing a different course at uni, I was surprised when these photos surfaced my news feed on facebook. The whole of our grade knew she could do it and she actually did it. I think she makes our whole grade proud, proving that you can be what you want to be no matter what. It's a reality check for us all - we're all growing up, some will be models, some will be doctors, architects, engineers or electricians. Its just crazy! Now I'm rambling... I'm sure no matter what Emma does in university, acting, modelling or writing she will be great. Don't forget this face people, this is one model on the rise!

**All photos via her facebook, used with permission



Temt cropped Tee, American Apparel pants, Wittner sandals & Asos sunnies.
From the many lessons I've learnt in 2010 one of the most important ones was to cease each and every opportunity. So when I heard that the Annie Leibovitz exhibition had hit the shores of Sydney I made it my mission to see it. After going around the city running a few errands E.g going to the Spanish Consulate and buying Macaroons, we finally made it to the Exhibition. Her work is amazing, she is talented and that is that. But I have to say after viewing all 192 pictures I was most blown away by a young Leonardo DiCaprio.

Isn't he just beautiful? But in all seriousness there is something about this photograph that is so innocent. I love it. haha I wish I was the lucky swan, being embraced by DiCaprio ahhh... haha Anyways here's a few pictures from our little city-Annie-Leibovitz-adventure!

Zara T-shirt, American Apparel skirt, Payless shoes, En Vanite vest, Kanzi Bag, YSL ring, Industrie watch and glassons sunnies. Oh... and a new charm necklace to replace my Thomas Sabo one I left in a change room *tear.


Stripes, feathers, pink, green and blue.

Winter Kate Cardi, Glassons singlet, shorts and belt, Kanzi bag,industrie watch, ysl ring, & random jewellery.

Yesterday my boss handed me Nina Garcia's 'Little Black Book of Style' so on my train ride to and from work, before bed and when I woke up this morning I read it. I have become so engulfed by this book. It's addictive. So this is just a quick post of what I wore to work today because Nina is waiting and there is so much more to learn! Here is a quote by Edna Woolman Chase noted in Nina's book that completely resonates with me.

"Fashion can be bought.
Style one must possess."
                                          - Edna Woolman Chase


Thrifted sequin top & belt, and American Apparel skirt.
Initially Angelica and I planned a day in Hyde Park but due to our late rise we opted to go a little local, - Lake parramatta. However, we didn't end up there either. Our afternoon was spent at rummaging through this massive Salvation Army (near Lake parramatta) and finding a few treasures like my brand-spankin-new 'Harpers Bazaar Gold Class - Best secret shopping addresses' - still with the plastic on it, mint condition! After our thrifting adventure we decided to go to the park we spent most of our childhood at, but going with the trend of the day, we instead found ourselves sitting on a picnic mat on our aunties front lawn reading fashion books and eating fruit our dad packed us. It was a really fun and relaxing afternoon I just hope the neighbours didn't think anything of it.
Thrifted belt and dress but hemmed it myself, Chiffon vest via En Vanite, Glassons shoes, Sportsgirl hat & YSL ring
On another note, I'm currently reading Teen Vogues Insider's Guide to Careers in Fashion and I'm finding it very helpful. This is the year I can do what I love doing and hopefully through it all establish what exactly I want to be doing as my career. So by reading this book, the designers, editors and stylist interviewed as well as full-time op-shopper and blogger Nicole from Gary Pepper Vintage have really inspired me to go out there and make my dreams a reality.
" You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be GREAT" - unknown author.


S/S '11 RTW

Rag & Bone
Loving the softness of colours and the use of chiffon and silk to subtly expose the skin without. I think the use of these fabrics really give a movement to the garment which is definitely what I love in spring and summer clothing. These fabrics work beautifully in offsetting these usually bold colours.

What is not to love? The signature Pucci prints, the uniquely beautiful silhouettes, the way the each garment compliments a womans figure...Oh my, Oh my Emilio Pucci! You never fail to impress. His Ready to wear Spring/Summer collection is absolutely incredible! I was clicking through the pictures via Grazia, thinking how do I choose my favourite looks to blog about? They are all soo.. BANANAS! All 'I-DIE' pieces. like literally. I die. So breath taking. When I saw the deep V cris-cross detail near the bust, it reminded me of one of my designs I drew up a few months ago but didn't have a clue how to execute. My designs are just imaginary, still up-in-the-air but Pucci's are a real-life-fantasy collection. Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

Just for my first post for 2011, I thought I'd showcase some of my favourite looks from the catwalk that have inspired my wardrobe in Spring & Summer. I opting for pastels, chiffon blouses/maxi skirts/harem pants and paired with beautiful colours and prints like Pucci. I was also going to post about Galliano & Rodarte RTW as well, but I'll save them for another post. I think I just exhausted myself with admiration for Pucci. So I'm going to continue watching 'Miley Cyrus' on E! And I'll be back with an outfit post. 

xxo Baz
All pictures via Grazia