'FALL FOR ME' Photoshoot

Here is a few pictures from my very first photoshoot last friday (my 19th birthday!) I've been organising this for a few months now and am so glad all our hard work paid off and the talent of all my friends is clearly evident here. So thankyou again to Chelsea who came straight from a 30-look shoot to my little 6 look shoot, Scott who was the shoot comedian/clothes holder, Gabs for being so amazing, Belle for not only the beautiful makeup but also for finding numerous locations & helping me choose one and Gemma for being a fantastic hair dresser! 

During the shoot would have to be the most hilarious thing ever... climbing over a small barb wire fence with piles of clothes, shoes and accessories to get to the paddock as well as running with each outfit around the paddock while making sure:
 A. we didn't make eye contact or disturb the newly born calf and her overly protective parents and B. that we didn't step on any cow poo - this is a hard task especially when you are in heels & trying to do everything quickly before the sun goes down. 
I'm so happy that the shoot went well & that although there were a few little mishaps and stressful moments everything worked out for the better. Looking forward to creating another shoot hopefully very soon. 

Model: Chelsea Smith
Hair: Gemma lee
Makeup: Belle Pagano
Photographer: Gabriel Duran
Styling: Me


Richard Nicoll for Sportsgirl

Last night my eyes widened as I walked into a brightly lit, well presented & creatively decorated Sportsgirl Flagship Sydney store - Pitt St. We were all welcomed with a sort of guard-of-honour-like path with cute waiters offering sparkling water, Jacobs creek and platters of finger foods, while the lovely Sportsgirl staff welcomed us looking ever so stylish themselves.
note: new hair.  

Meet Jion she wears: Zara skirt, Asos shoes, sportsgirl necklace and ring, equip bracelet, ____ Bag & _____ shirt.
It was awesome to have a friend attend the event with me. Jion was even kind enough to snap some pics of me, because me - being as forgetful as I am, forgot my camera, and Iphone pix just won't do! I really had a great time understanding Richard Nicoll's point of view, inspiration and his career so far. It's opportunities like these that really allow me (the consumer) to grasp the concept and ideas behind the collection and collaboration. I wish I could share with you absolutely everything I heard and saw, but I can't really without you falling asleep or rushing to click 'X' as I ramble on and on. For now, here are a few snaps from the night.

Kate Waterhouse & Richard Nicoll
I must say, she was a great host and he was fantastic to listen to.
The man himself.
I'm in love with the hounds tooth blazer. 
At first glance the clothes aren't so 'I-die! I-need-this-I-want-this-oh-baby-oh-baby!' but they are like Nicoll said "classical" as he wanted to create the collection to be timeless, rather than over the top, trendy stand out pieces. And in that respect, they are. Although I'm not a huge fan of the whole collection I really loved the hounds tooth blazer & tailored checked pants with (I think) velvet? detailing around the waist. Check the collection out here
I wore: Chiffon vest bought from Jion's blog shop, thrifted silk singlet, White Euphoria by Mok Theorem skirt, Kanzi Bag, sister's necklace, Kanzi bag & bangles from Cairns night markets.

Majority of pictures taken by my good friend Jion from En Vanite. Check out her blog!


It was all yellow.

Don't you just love when you grab a bargain? Well this week I hit the bargain jackpot finding this yellow silk shirt for $6, Safari midi skirt for $3, belt for $4, Zimmermann Raffia clutch still with tag on for $4 as well as an Arabella Ramsay silk tunic top for $6.50 and a beautiful hand made crocheted maxi dress for $6. I was so excited to use the dress right away, so for my first shoot that I organised with some friends I was able to use it for one of the looks, and let me tell you.. its amazing. I have to thank everyone once again: Gemma, Belle, Chelsea, Gabriel and Scott for being such an amazing team yesterday. With only a few minor hiccups before we started, it ended up to be one fine looking shoot which we all survived with no cows charging at us (lucky us!).  But that's a story I'll have to save for when I post the shoot. 
For now, here are a few pics of what I wore to my pre-celebratory birthday on thursday spent at Mid City, UNSW roundhouse & cafe coco mid city (best chocolate macaroons ever). 

Wearing: Thrifted silk top, safari skirt, belt, Zimmermann clutch (also thrifted!), Betts shoes & Sportsgirl socks

Lots and lots of love,



Red Hot Rihanna for Vogue

Rihanna first cover for US vogue.

Although I'm not the biggest fan of Rihanna, the cover was shot by Annie Leibovitz who you all know I am obsessed with. Watching the video above actually made me like Rihanna a little more, so I've decided to post it along with the cover... it just makes a little more sense to why I'm posting this... wow now I'm rambling... laa di daaa. di daa... Have a great week!



Rain, rain go away.

Don't Ask Amanda vest, Avocado pleather jacket, Glassons High waisted Jeans & scarf, Agent 99 singlet, Betts Taree boots & YSL ring

Notice my nails? OPI shatter, that is. not foils. I must say I feel like I've advertised it ever since I got it a few weeks back. Everyone has asked and keeps asking so FYI it's OPI shatter, buy it online or at David Jones (most probably sold out though) It's actually crazy how it works, one coat and boom. Snap, crackle, pop! Viola beautiful, crazy nails.

On another note, it's been raining all week but I've got a great week ahead of me so please weather gods let your light shine through! This week I've got: Practice client scheduled in, research time for products, brands and stores, my first shoot on Friday which also happens to be my 19th birthday.. can I get a woop wooop?, hopefully get a bit of a thrift shop happening and last but not least getting my hair did again this Saturday. Fingers crossed that it turns out well and double fingers crossed that I post more often this week!

P.s if you would like some style tips or interested in being my practice client to help me improve my personal styling skills hit me up at basilia.dulawan@hotmail.com

P.p.s HAPPY Sweet 16 to my little sis Angel cakes.

xxo your little lady B.



Glassons button-up top & pleated Maxi skirt, Sportsgirl wedges, Lovisa necklace, YSL ring, Vintage belt & Shell bangles from Cairns Night Markets.

Yes. Yes, I do realise I haven't posted for almost a week. And yes, you might be thinking "What was so important that I couldn't manage just one itty-bitty post?" Well 3 words for you: Smitten With Style. Over the weekend I completed my one-on-one personal Styling course with the very talented owner and head stylist Wendy from Smitten With Style. Although it was only a short two day course, it can not be underestimated; with an intense theoretical first day I was ready to get hands on and style my practice clients (which included my mother) on in the second/final day. I cannot paint the full picture of how amazing and helpful this course was to me, but hopefully over time you will see the fruits of this awesome course. I'm at that stage now where I'm turning my wild dreams into a reality. THIS IS IT. This is really happening, and i'm loving it!

As practice makes perfect, I am currently looking for some more practice clients to work my magic on. If you are interested please shoot me an email: basilia.dulawan@hotmail.com 





I thought I would share with you a part of my world, my work. Welcome to the new and much improved Glassons Burwood. With the 'floating' rails, bedroom wall details, princess-esque changing rooms with sky-high draped curtains, impeccably stylish mannequins and crazily creative store windows what more could you want to house fashions latest trends? Come visit me at my second home! I would love to met you and style you.

xxo Hope to see some of your faces soon,

- B.



Anna Dello Russo. She's my inspiration. So daring, so confident, so fashionably fantastic! Many people would describe fashion as a means of expressing themselves but ADR describes Fashion as a way of actually escaping herself, to not be boring...just like dressing up. I like the way she thinks. I think fashion for me anyway, is both a way of expressing and escaping myself. In the sense that through different outfits, fabrics, accessories and shoes I can expose various aspects of my personality as well as dress up as my alter ego. Clothing is what makes up your exterior, so in the wise words of John Galliano:
"Fashion should empower you as much as it dresses you."
Check out Net-a-porter's interview with the fashionista at net-a-porter

All images via net-a-porter.com