My toys for tomorrows shoot. Yes. Yes. Get excited! Will reveal more when I am more awake
 and not struggling to spell or struggling to keep my eye lids open. Until tomorrow ladies! xo B



Sass and Bide
SS 2012

 In cobalt blue, this high-cut wetsuit-like top is like nothing Sass and Bide have done before. I like it. 

 Let the cobalt continue as the neckline deepens and makes this sequinned suit a magic number!

 Then pops in canary yellow to add to the winning colour palette formula - canary yellow + cobalt blue = two of my favourite colours for summer - my love for this collection is growing. 

 Add in a statement belt, now you have me sold. 
Pip Edwards, why are you so amazing every season? Why is your modern minimalism in accessories so alluring? 

 Strip it back to white, but keep a touch of neon around the patterned panels - genius!

Finish off with a sheen of metallic and one crazy-amazing neck piece. 
There you have a stunning winner of a collection! 

It's surprising, and somewhat refreshing from their previously tribal obsessed collection - which was no doubt amazing, but this is just so beyond. I love it. 


The Individual.

Gala Gonzales captured by Phil Oh for Vogue.com
Miroslava Duma via Refinery29
Neon colours, textures, sequinned collared dress and major back exposure complete with a necklace worn backwards - personal style at it's finest.  Just a few of my favourite street style snaps from NYFW. Can't wait to see what street style LFW will bring. 


Sealed with a white Ribbon.

There is no harm in saying 'I love you' Most people say it more often than others, but not enough people say it to themselves. I say, show yourself a little love and treat yourself to something you've always wanted.
It was love at first sight when I saw this colourful metallic number strut down the runway at my very first RAFW show - Zimmermann. It was like a mouse to cheese, a magnet to the fridge, a young child to it's mother... ok. Stop. Maybe not that far, but it was amazing and even more amazing on. I'll be sure to post an outfit asap esp. with this leg-worthy weather. Goodness 27 degrees and rising. It's T-shirttt tymmm. Hollaaa. 


Welcome to the jungle.

When my sister stormed into my room asking to use my clothes, I had one condition (usually I have about 5 but today I settled for just one) - she had to let me do an outfit post on her. I thought it was a pretty big ask since she A. hates taking my outfit pics and B. hates posing for the cam. But today she was surprisingly willing. So much so, I now have a whole folder of her posing, and posing and re-posing. Got a few cheeky pics to save for her 21st birthday (yea yeaaa!)

By the end of it she went a little crazy and found my Dad's watering bucket in the garden. It went well with her whole 'safari-garden' ensemble that she had going, it soon became her handbag/prop (for picture purposes only). She's interesting cute like that. 
Vintage top, Moschino belt and skirt, Wittner sandals and Dad's watering bucket. 

On another note, I'm thinking of cutting this skirt just above my knee. This mid-length doesn't really work on my smurf-size body. What do you reckon? Yay? or Nay?


Success baby!

After thinking this all week, in preparation for my 2nd interview for that Stylist Job I was telling you about a few posts ago. 

I finally got it! WOOOOO! Success baby (yeaaa I thought the below image was pretty appropriate)
After deciding between my part time job at a school + my European white Christmas OR my dream job 

I did it, took a leap, cancelled Europe, broke up with my boss (haha quite literally, it was hilarious actually) and now am an official Stylist! Just call me the Sportsgirl Style me Suite Personal Stylist. 


P.s Big thank you to everyone who has believed in me, reassured me that giving up Europe is no big deal, and has always encouraged me to follow my dreams. 


Love story.

When Karen raved about this 'Syringe place' that we desperately needed to go to, we thought she was a little bit kooky. We all replied will a similar "ummm... we're not really into that Karen." haha But on our quest to find this hidden place locals also gave us similar reactions with a raised eye-brow and wide eyes, "Syringe Bar?" When we finally found 'the institue' at the end of, what seemed to be a maze of alley-ways, I couldn't image drinking not drinking without my syringe. Move over World Bar's Tea pots, Syringes are where its at. haha Ok, it may appear that Melbourne has made me more crazy that I normally am. I guess, I'm still high off the amazing experience that was Melbourne. Our Love story. 

Pictures from Love Story taken by 'Special K' and on my Canon G12. 

Ok. No more Melbourne posts. End Melbourne Love story. 

I wore: Mossman Dress and BlackMilk galaxy tights. 2nd photo: Liana's vintage Shag purchase. 3rd photo: Natalie in her sister's creation from the Summer Zipporra collection.


Graffitied walls, alley-way cafes and eclectic style

Sportsgirl jacket, Glasson Tee, Vintage Moschino pants and Bally bag.
Being in a new city such as Melbourne, inspiration is all around. It's embedded in the graffitied walls, in the aroma of alley-way cafes and among the eclectic style of the locals. For the 2nd day of our Melbourne stay I decided on some patterned pants, plain Tee and my golden clogs - inspired by the streets of Melbourne. You like? You like? I like. Not sure if Melbourne liked, I did get a few looks and one "Oh, your not from Melbourne? You can tell... you guys dress different" hmmmm... I thought I looked more Melbourne than I did Sydney. But I loved my outfit, so whatever! Wear what you love, and love what you wear. P.s update on my interview process: 2nd interview tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Should be a lot of fun. I'll keep you posted via twitter and maybe Facebook too. So jump on board that band wagon, Follow, Tweet or 'Like' for reg. updates.

xo B


The fantasy land of Lady Petrova

I have voiced my love for the Lady Petrova label a few times before, but this time I think I'll share with you my love for their store interior. With the wall decal illustrations, doll houses, lace and overall pastel tones, walking into Lady Petrova feels like a fantasy land. And a little birdie told me that they will be renovating again, taking the already wonderful store to a new level of 'Lady Petrova'. I'm excited and can't wait too see what they'll do to the petite store. 

Doll house home to fairy lights, Butter nail polish, Jewellery and cute shoes.
Don't you just wish sometimes your room could be just as fantastical as this? 
I did leave with this beautiful silk top pictured above. But I was pretty unfortunate when I wore it out for the first time... a thread pulled, and pulled, and pulled. I swear silk hates me, because the night after I wore another one of my melbourne purchases which happened to be a silk dress and it pulled as well. Not sure why, but all my purchases in Melb seemed to be two things: Silk and Colourful. Currently I am wearing the 3rd item of my silk-melbourne-shop-series lol - it hasn't pulled yet, so fingers crossed this is a non-puller haha... I sound like a crazy person talking about pulled silk like its the end of the world or something... (End silk rant here)
Lady Petrova, always coming up with Dreamy ways to display her products. I think it might be something in the Melbourne water because 99.9% of stores we visited has the most interesting interiors, displays and packaging. Buying something when it comes wrapped in pastel coloured paper, or neatly packaged in an every so innovative aluminium take away container similar to that of a Sara Lee frozen carrot cake... but a lot cuter! 
Lady Petrova made Turbans cool on Project Runway. I was pretty much obsessed when I saw her sporting one. 

Its a dreamy place, something every girl should experience. 
Lady Petrova boutique
237 Flinders Lane, Melbourne.


ZIPPORRA Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

Models all dressed in Zipporra wearing jewellery by Hana Watson. 
Working for Karen and representing Zipporra has been such an amazing adventure, to say the least. And this trip to Melbourne for the Spring Fashion Week was definitely the icing on top of this fun adventure and learning experience. After collaborating with Blow Dry Bar in Sydney once before, Zipporra was privileged to dress the models for the Blow Dry Bar runway show and launch of their new salon in Melbourne. After exploring the streets of Melbourne with Liana and Nat, while Karen (the designer) attended some meetings, our actual work finally came in to style and dress the models. The energy was frantic, the hair was larger than life, the clothes looked amazing and the show was ready to rock and roll. The lovely Rochelle Fox MC'd the night and the very talented young photographer Angus Cramp captured the night behind his lens. After the show, it was party time.  

We hit up Cookie and (i don't remember the names) but the levels above it too - it is a popular Melbourne local location recommended by many and it did not disappoint! Being cosily close in the private booths and dimly lit surroundings, it was very romantic harry potter - I thought anyway. For a Wednesday night, Melbourne knows how to party or maybe it was just us and our overly excited-ness and the effects of a few too many sips on the vodka lemon lime bitters? 

The munchkins + Rochelle and Karen. 

Fun fact: These girls are all related. Can you guess which ones are sisters and which one is their cousin? It may surprise you.
Colours, beautiful textures and a lot of love from these hand made garments. For the pic above they all wear  Zipporra, and are all amazing stunners - both the pieces and the girls! You'll see more of these pieces once the campaign is all shot and beautified. But we are still sourcing the perfect model. Email me at basilia.dulawan@hotmail.com, tweet me or even leave a comment if you've got the goods, or know of anyone who is a blonde stunner and lives in Sydney. More of this Melbourne love to come. Stay tuned pretties!



Having a ball in Melbourne. Its our last night for Liana and myself, having nibblies, wine and watching Hamish and Andy's Gap yr before we go out, just when we thought nothing could bring down our spirits... boom! Natalie steps on one of Karen's needles - going through her boots and into her foot. OUCCCHHH right?? Currently, still sipping on wine and seeing if a night out will cure her foot or if its a completely bad idea. What do you reckon? ha. A real post to come. 6:30am flight tomorrow. So maybe after I'm rested up a little. xo B


Coconut coconut coconut crack.

Catching up with friends seems like the best thing these days. Sipping on coconuts and chatting about how life has changed since we left high school way back in 1989 2009... No outfit post of this one. But my jacket is pretty much a great find at a mere $12, 100% Silk hand beaded jacket with shoulders pads too... how very Balmain. Never fear, outfit posts - yeah they comin' . xo B