ZIPPORRA SS launch party

Zipporra may not have shown at this yr's RAFW but they did one hell of a showing last friday at Skittle Lane. 

Everyone meet Chris. The man behind ASOF: A Series of Fortunate events. He organised, brainstormed and put together the event for Zipporra and what an amazing job he did! I may have been frazzled coming straight from work to help out and style the models, but he was one cool, calm and well collection guy through it all! I was impressed.  

Donning metallic and being the munchkins that we are.
 With the ironlak fumes that quickly replaced oxygen, skittle lane was transformed into a colourful event filled with a bunch of creatives and an overall happy atmosphere. And I'm positive it wasn't just due to the overwhelming-almost-suffocating smell of spray paint, the 5 pieces of the collection that were showcased were amazing. Although this may have been the 100th time I've seen it, that 'wow' factory never seems to dull down. The collection is infectious I tell you!

P.s I loved Liana's outfit. That skirt. Fly me to the moon coz I swear that's where she got it from!

Hair styled by Kevin McKenzie hair
Clothes styled by Liana and Myself
Shoes: Betts
Event organised by ASOF
Designer: Karen Fulton


Pink skies and glitter nails.

What do you get when an oversized truck comes through a suburban street? Broken electricity wires and no internet connection. Now what do you think you'd get when you call up your internet provider? Service? No. A internet repairer-man? Nope. Just a solid week without a phone line and internet connection. Dyyyyinggg. But enough about the internet dramas - a new week is ahead! 

Wearing Zara kimono, Sportsgirl necklaces, singlet and vintage shorts, Shubar shoes and Prada sunglasses.
How cool are these vintage shorts? Vintage hot-spots tend to follow me with each new job that I've had this year. I'm not complaining, but if my bank account had a mouth it sure would be! 

I've enjoyed this sunnier weather. My face has enjoyed being bug-eyed all weekend. Bug-eyed-baz they shall call me. 

Beautiful Nail. Just one. Just one nail. Do I get to choose which one.. or? 

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

xxo B



Hand-dyed silk that makes you want to chase the rainbow it came from, pleated leather detailing, darted leather bodice's, hand-made italian lace and a fringe jacket that makes you want to shake it like Shakira. I can't explain how incredibly amazing this collection is in the flesh. The colours are exciting and the leather pieces are out-of-this-world - FYI it's done by hand - insane in the membrane! This collection captures the love, creativity and passion Karen holds for design and it's more than clear that Karen has got great things coming for this emerging Aussie label! 

I was over the moon when she got me to collaborate with her on this project and style the photo shoot. Although between you and me, there wasn't much to do, the pieces pretty much speak for themselves. Agreed? 

Enough about the chit-chat. Head over to the Zipporra Facebook page here to find out how you can score yourself a $200 voucher to spend on this infectious collection. I was itching just waiting for this very day (11th of the 11th two thousand and eleven) so I can finally show you how kray kray this collection is. Crazy huh? Crazy-in-love? Yep. me too! Check out the E-store here

Designer: Karen Fulton
Photographer: Trevene Patrick 
Photographer Assistant: Luke Latty
Model: Lola Van Vorst (The Agency Models)
Stylist: Basilia Dulawan
Makeup: Bridgette Serhan
Hair: BlowDryBar
Special Thanks: Rochelle Fox and Natalie Fulton
Footwear: Betts
Backstage photographer: Dave Russell


I got swirls on the side of my face, and they ain't no side burns

 I may have just squealed and ran back to work with a slight kick in my step when I left The Strand with a little Chanel bag filled with a little Prada treasure. These Prada baroque sunglasses are summer-time perfection and I've never wanted the sun to shine as my as now - so I can never take them off my face. Ever. But with this storm hanging around the only appearance they've made is here. 

Wearing Sportsgirl scarf, t-shirt and socks, Zimmermann shorts, 3.1 Phillip Lim boots and Prada sunglasses. 
Fingers crossed for sunshine. I'd like to get my money's worth. 

Happy tuesday! xo Baz


Pattern and colour like no other - Emma Mulholland SS 11/12

Images via Emma Mulholland, edited by me.

Just when I thought Romance was Born was Australia's craziest label, master's of print and patterns, I stumble across Emma Mulholland on The Grand Social. Wowza! Move over Romance was Born. Your former intern has clearly learnt a lot from you both and created one print-packed, colour-filled, insane collection. Worn together for a definite show stopper moment worthy of a Bill Cunningham snap or simply teamed with basics, these pieces are so wearable! I died, drooled and died again looking through the collection but died even more when I saw the price tag. If only $320 for a mesh top was no big deal. It is. I'll have to save this one for my wish list and keep dreaming.

Hope you've all had a great start to the week! 

xo B


MHQ November Lookbook

Aye que fabulosa! MarketHQ you've got me wanting - wait, where do I start? The sequined singlet, that slitted maxi skirt, those printed pants, the 'TAXI' tee, the little lace bra, and aye Papi!, those neon coloured shoes. Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum. Thanks MarketHQ for stocking such great product. I'll now be broke for the summer. Thanks, thanks again. But seriously, how dreamy is this lookbook? Has it got you as mesmerised and wanting to splash the cash like me? You can shop til your hearts content here, although I can't guarantee you'll be content, they just keep upping the ante, and continue to get more and more and more goodies in. It's kray kray! 

P.s I know it's tempting to flick through every category but the sun is shining so make sure you get a good minute out in the sun.

Happy Sunday! xxo B