In between the lines

I'm on a colour high.

These marbled nails were the result of a quiet night in during the week. Dad couldn't fathom why I sat at the kitchen bench for an hour intensely following each instruction on Connie's Cam on Refinery29.

Glassons Jacket and pants, Zanita x Funkis clogs, Zara top, Dotti necklace, Disney couture, Recreational and YSL rings.
Imagine a world in black and white? ohhh noo. Pleasantville. boo. 
Everyone sing "I'm a happy little Vegemite......da-di-da-di-da" You too might be one, if you win my loveee package. I will pick the winner out of the hat soon! Tomorrow hopefully.


Casual friday.

Sportsgirl jacket, Wildfox Tee (thanks Material Attention), Black noise by Chronicles of Never jeans and Soles boots.

I know I've been M.I.A in the cyber-world. Work has consumed me. But I'm trying! Look two posts in one day? wow I am pushing it. It was definitely a jeans and t-shirt combination today and it was only fitting to wear my new Wildfox tee I got as a 'thankyou' gift for styling their campaign last weekend. Can't wait to share the final pics with you all... for now, here is a little sneak peak they took with my G12.

King Trevor.

Just a casual browse on the internet led to the discovery of photographer Trevor King. Next thing I knew I was clicking on every link - portraits, men, women, blog etc - I went through his website faster than you can say (or work out how to spell) super-cala-fragilistic-expialidocious. 
Check him out for yourself kingtrevor.com Yep, this he is one talented dude.
Photography, great. Model, beautiful. Styling, amazing. Who styled this? They are genius.

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Colour my world.

Here's a picture out of the Zipporra lookbook - I'm pretty much obsessed with colour at the moment, pretty obsessed with that mustard colour too. Actually, I think I've always had a thing for colour, especially bright ones (it is true. Check here and here) However, today I awoke like a zombie gravitating immediately to my red pants and cobalt blue top. I toned it down with a fluffy black angora  cardigan but toned it back up with its sequined diamond pattern and vintage tan Moschino belt (which I just bought today). Wish I got a photo.  Photos are definitely 1000 times more interesting than this right now. I'll have to wear it again just for some pics, just for you guys. Really sorry bout the lack of outfit post. Working 3 jobs is hard, esp. when your a little bit of a perfectionist like me. *hence the lack of posts* I can't just post just anything. ohhhhhh and I've been in a slight state of depression with my Iphone gone... stolen :( Damn pick pocketers! I guess I will continue to wear bright colours to make me feel a little less dull. 

Just like Ms. Duma here.

*Not too sure where this pic is from (blame google), but looks very Jac and Jil.


I don't speak german but I can if you like.

Sportsgirl jacket, Glassons shirt, Neuw jeans, Betts boots,  Zara belt, Recreational ring & necklace and Illariy cuff. 

After what I'm donning 'Lady Gaga Week' last week here in sydney, I too wanted to feel like a bit of a star. No, I didn't whip out my American apparel V leotard -- it's way to cold here for that nonsense. Instead I popped on this shaggy jacket and immediately felt like a yeti  quite lush. I'm a big believer that if you love what your wearing, your day will just be that tad bit better. And it was. Paws up! 

Keep your paws up if you've entered to to win my 'Little Lady lurrrveee package'? Now, put your paws down and on your keyboard if you haven't. haha don't you hate it when your teachers do that? I'm no teacher, so keep them there =) . While your there 'Like' the Little Lady Love facebook page here and leave a few words on the page so that I know you've entered! 

xxo. B



Ever noticed the simplicity and beauty in a single chain necklace? Ones that sit oh-so-casually around your neck, placed under a buttoned-up collar or skim just over the top of a singlet but have such a profound effect? Well that's the effect I get when I see hipsters (both boys and girls) walking the streets with their Recreational Boutique jewellery. Before working at 100 Squared I thought these hipsters were so DIY savvy that they made them themselves; attaching quirky little ornaments to a chain - you know it's just something that those hipsters would do. But don't fret if you aren't (like me ) DIY talented because it is the ever-so-talented Emma Swann we need to thank for designing and creating these little treasures.

Wishbones, bullets, spray-can heads, swords, boxing gloves, headphones just a few of her amazing creations. Did I mention she does rings too? Now, those are my favourite! You can pile them on and take the 'more is more' approach and never go wrong with too many Recreational rings. They all seem to fit together like a collage - the more you add, the better it looks! Pile, pile, pile them on. 

Emma hard at work, if your lucky you might even she her doing her thang at the store! 
And finally, a two of my favourites: triangle ring + one-off baby head/key necklace. I'll show you how it actually sits in the next post! Stay tuned. Of course, you too can check out the Recreational Boutique range on their website here or visit them down at 100 Squared, bottom level of Westfield Sydney. 


Hang loose.

Feeling like run dmc with these vintage boyfriend jeans. holllaaaa
trying to pose a little bit more girly, to make up for all that drop crotch. 
Cue Faux Fur collar, random leather vest, ice jumper, vintage Calvin Klein jeans, lovis necklace & funkis clogs

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L U S H.

B R E E  B E N N E T T

If my blog had a 'trending' poll #BreeBennettvintage would be the top topic right now. and I've noticed over the the past month or so I've been obsessed/cursed with the vintage bug - particularly her irresistible customised vintage. 

So I thought I'd introduce you all to Bree. She is the owner and 'designer' who sources the vintage treasures and reworks most of them into new 'bree bennett' creations. My favourite piece would be the leather/linen top that she did... remember this one? And another favourite that I was absolutely blown away by was the red leather dress that could double as a vest but in it's former life was a super-retro batwing leather jacket, you know the one. 

Her creative eye for transforming garments is ridiculous! I love just flicking through each piece and asking what it was in its previous glory. But for the timeless vintage pieces that need no revamp, she stocks them too. Think dreamy fur jackets, Pierre balmain vinatge bags, designer vintage coats -- my fav was the YSL one in pink --- dreammyy! 

You'll have to go down to 100 Squared in Westfield Sydney and see for yourself. There is always something amazing to lust, love and treasure and while your there visit me at ZIPPORRA. 

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Zipporra jacket and singlet, Vintage Moschino pants from Bree Bennett vintage, Dotti necklace and Betts boots.
Very excited to be at work today. Very excited to be welcomed back into the 100 squared family of oh-so-amazing emerging designers! No, I am not a designer but yes, I do work for one. ZIPPORRA is the name and don't you forget it. How could you? The pops of colours, intricate details, buttery soft leather, and great made-to-order pieces. It's one label I know you will love as much as I do. Oh and lets move on to the pants? This is not the original outfit I walked into work wearing. I gradually swapped by vintage gold knit for the bold colours of Zipporra, then only minutes later I crept toward these amazing pants awaiting a home on the racks of Bree's store - Welcome home moschino <3

There are many advantages and disadvantages of working here. 
Advantage: Amazing people, inspiration bouncing of every wall, great atmosphere and loads off beautiful clothes.
Disadvantage: Loads of beautiful clothes = ever decreasing bank balance. 

repeat after me: I will save. I will save for Europe. I will. I will. I will.

Pray for me. lol. I have been diagnosed with the shop-a-holic syndrome by both my family and co-workers. 


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If only it were spring

Dreaming about the warmer days in the spring. 

Sunglasses: Ellery
Top & Skirt: Zimmermann SS 11/12
Vest & bag: Alexander Wang
Shoes: Maurie and Eve

I'm titling this 'The Spring Splurge' 
Too bad I'm saving for all things glorious for my cold-ass-european-winter in december. 
A girl can dream. 0o0o almost forgot. I've got one little gift to add to the giveaway and ta-da all will be revealed! So stay tuned people! If your afraid you will forget 'Like' Little Lady Love on Facebook here or follow me on twitter here . Hey I'm just looking out for you! I wouldn't want you to miss out on some major swag giveaways, would you?  

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Good looking and talented

Yes it is our favourite androgynous gal Agyness Deyn. But more importantly, she was shot by the multi-talented stud - James Franco. Its kind of ironic that Franco has Agyness posing as his doppelganger, James Dean. For all my twitter followers you've probably unfollowed me now due to my excessive 'i love James franco' 'marry me James Franco' tweets. haha I don't blame you, but whats not to love? He's a super attractive male, movie star, PhD student, author and now fashion photographer. So what has induced my franco fantasy/fanatic obsession you may ask? A young Franco in Whatever it Takes is your answer - Thanks MTV. The swag in his smile, his effortless hair and (obvious) major talent.  ahhhh I feel like I'm in yr 7 again... ahhh I could go on forever. I'll just leave you with his fine talent, his editorial titled Chateau Dreams for ELLE magazine.  


Like a dog.

how crazy is this? it literally makes me look like a dog of some kind... don't worry its FAUX fur. So no, I didn't climb your backyard fence and butcher your dog/cat/lama.  I got it from the markets last sunday from these two european men who were selling their mothers old treasures. It was honestly like a fur party at the markets, every stall I went to had fur both fake and real. Another european lady tried to sell me her old rabbit fur hat :| f-f-f-reaky! 

exit, freaky faux fur post - Like a dawwwg.