Flicking through many magazines, blog posts and tumblr's over the past year I've grown a slight obsession with visors and sportswear. So for this shoot I was inspired by exactly that. Although Shubar shoes isn't exactly 'sportswear' I decided to incorporate more tom-boy styling - this was the original plan and was still somewhat executed given the dramatic change of circumstances on the day. Silly me forgot a garment bag at home. And we weren't in the easiest location for me to just drive back home, so like a chameleon I adapted to the situation and worked with what I had although I still wanted to kick myself for leaving such an necessary thing behind - never again! 

Over the past year I've had some great opportunities to work creatively and expand my styling portfolio. Hopefully 2012 will continue this and bring me even greater opportunities. 

Be fearless and seize the day.
2011 is almost over!

xxo B

Styling and creative direction: Me | Photography and edits: Christine Ai of Cai photography | Videographer: Alexander Leeway | Model: Shannon Lawson, Platform model management | Makeup: Belle Pagano of Bella makeup | Styling assistant: Selin Abali | Photography assistant: Edwin Lie | Designers: Aung, Zipporra and Illariy Jewellery 


Styling Shubar shoes

Last month I styled a photoshoot for HYPE DC's in-house brand Shubar pulling all the strings I could to make it all happen. I used clothes from emerging labels Aung and Zipporra and even managed to pull some pieces from Helena Pierce who kindly let me borrow her pieces only a few days before her final TAFE show for the year. Jewellery was a mixture of my own pieces and the ever so beautiful pieces from ILLARIY in 100 squared Pitt st. Before I reveal the final photos of the Shubar photoshoot, I'd like to transport you back behind the scenes.

Many thanks to Mark from HYPE DC, Cai photography, Alexander Leeway (videographer), Shannon Lawson (Platform model management), Belle Pagano makeup, and my lovely styling assistant Selin Abali. Everyone did such a fantastic job & made the semi-manic day a whole lot of fun!

Check out the Shubar website here for a little sneaky-peak of the shoot.


Merry Christmas.

I may have been a little M.I.A this december but I'm back and now shooting with my dad's Nikon D90. 
Hope everyone has had an amazing Christmas weekend celebrating with friends and family, food and christmas presents. I may have died from stuffing myself silly with christmas prawns, pavlova, brandy custard, Ferrero rocher's, and a little wine but I'm just bracing myself for the day-after-boxing-day-sale crowds at work tomorrow.  

A lot of things have changed since I last blogged including the expansion of my wardrobe - working in the city is dangerous! With so many stores at my finger tips and a lengthy 1hr break every day it's become so. hard. to. save!! I know my sisters will read this and show my dad, but Dad 2012 is coming and it's on my top 5 things to improve on next year so be proud Pa. 

Wearing a few new additions to my wardrobe Sportsgirl knit, necklace and track pants, Calvin Klein bra, my sister's vest, YSL ring and Jeffrey campbell Clinics. 

More posts to come! So check back soon. 
Merry Christmas everyone
xo B.


More shoes than Imelda Marcos

Seeing my family off to Europe for this festive season is hard in itself, but seeing that my sister will have european fashion (and my mum & her wallet) at her fingertips, it's even harder. Now it's only fair that I too scour the internet to create my very own European wish list. Yesterday it was a very short list with only 6 of my very-merry-must-have items including the Hermes Collier de Chien cuff in silver (although that's more of a dream) ha. Today, I've been flicking through topshop, and WOW-hold-your-breath they have a bunch of babe-in' shoes! Glitter, flatforms, colour, metallic. You name it, they've got it. 

Above are a few of my favourites, and then there are the Ashely front lace sandal and the Miista brielle lace wedge that I'm kind of sitting on the fence with. Do I love em? or hate em? The Ashley's had me at the lace sandal but lost me with all that excess stud detail and I am usually the first one to vouch for that more-is-more approach. Now with the Miista it's like a hybrid of a shoe, they couldn't decide between a clog and a wedge so they merged the two - best of both worlds? I'm not so sure.

What do you think? Love it? Hate it? 
Overall good job topshop! Can't wait to see you in Sydney. 


Baby, it's cold outside

 ...and apparently it's Summer. Not really sure what happened between the week when it was sweltering hot and I was sticking to the train, to now when it's partly sunny, cloudy, rainy and cold all in one day. It's crazy talk.
Wearing French connection hat, Dion Lee x Cue jacket, Silk top my Dad got me from NZ, Zara pants, vintage belt, Shubar shoes and Prada sunglasses.
 Wearing this outfit a few days ago, running around town to get returns done was probably not the best idea (not when there's 60km winds). I may have looked like a try-hard Mary Poppins chasing the wind, but I was not prepared to loose my hat I've only had for a week. I guess i'll just leave you with these photos of the flowers from my front yard and a close up of the little leopard's in my life - they're the only things that didn't try fly off me that day.



When you work alongside someone as creative and stylish as Monica, you can't help but be influenced and really want elevate your style. Bring you A game, you know what I mean? I've brought mine but without the essential blogger tools-of-the-trade aka a tripod, my blog has been pretty outfit-post non-existent so I'm looking to fix this minor issue by lets say... tomorrow? Let's hope the weather brings it's A-game too. It's summer now (apparently) but all it's given us is rain, cold weather and even snow --- so random. 
**sings Annie 'Tomorrow'** "The sun will come out, tomorrow bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow..."

I'll keep you posted on Twitter and Facebook so stay tuned!