Bright as a canary

When one gets invited to a wedding with a dress code: Cocktail one would immediately assume a dress of some kind. I however, knowing how fickle I am with things, didn't want to blow my money on a beautiful piece that (we all know) is predestined to a once or twice wear. Instead I took to buying separates. This twisted helmut lang skirt was just the ticket to achieving ultimate versatility. For the wedding I styled it back with my mums floral printed Zara shirt similar to the one pictured above, coloured Novo heels which were a steal at $59.95, Cue earrings I borrowed from a friend, and a small leather Zara clutch. Overall, some have described it as looking "....hmmm very exotic" and although that wasn't my intention, I see it now, I like it, cool. 

Zara shirt | Cue earrings | Helmut lang skirt | Novo heels | Vintage necklace worn as a bracelet 

 With fashion week only a week away, I know this canary yellow piece of amazing will definitely be part of my ensembles. Over the past week I've been busy hustling my wardrobe for tommy ton worthy outfits. But seriously, who wouldn't want to be snapped by his fashionable lens? I'll be keeping you posted with fashion week reviews via On The Streets of Sydney, which I've jumped on board with as a Contributing Fashion Editor. So make sure you stop by there for editorials, collection reviews, beauty features and much much more kids!

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Shoes, glorious shoes. Shubar A/W 2012

You may remember last year I posted a video here and another here produced by the great Alexander Leeway for two shoots I put together and styled. Once again he has delivered the goods for the Shubar AW 2012 collection which we worked on a few weeks ago. So don't be shy, take a peak:

Videographer: Alexander Leeway | Composer: Daniel Cartisano | Photographer: Michael Weatherston | Photography assistant: Mark Rillera | Models: Cosmo and Elouise M @ Chic | Makeup: Isabella Pagano | Hair: Kevin McKenzie | Stylist: Basilia Dulawan | Assistant Stylists: Selin Abali and Liana Finocchiaro 

Big love goes out to Carhartt, ESPRIT, Recreational Jewellery and Andres Denim for all the cool threads and accessories.


Instantaneous. PREEN x ALDO RISE

It was only yesterday night when I discovered the ALDO RISE range whilst doing my routine Asos browse which usually is quite a monotonous task... click, click, click, next page, save for later, add to basket ... remove from basket. This time however, I found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow in the form of Preen x Aldo Rise heeled sandals with their signature pixelated, paisley print from their Spring Summer range this year. I wasn't sure if I was delirious from all the clicking or if the screen really did say only 135 pounds ($205 dollars) for a piece of the Preen x Aldo Rise prize - which I have named them. Kind of catchy huh?  Instead of rushing to seal the deal on these beauties, I was calm and waited until today to give Aldo a call although that's when the patience ended. After hearing "There's only two 38's left" I was like a woman possessed. Off went speed dial to my brother who works in the city and boom they were mine. Really have to thank my brother for that one! You might think I'm crazy but up against the craziest of cray, DIRECTIONERS aka One Direction fans in Sydney at the moment I am without a doubt, absolutely 100% normal. (No offence little sis! Zayn is a babe!)

On a side note, It's sad knowing that two of Australia's most exciting designers Josh Goot and Dion Lee have pulled out of MFWA officially this year and with rumours of Romance was Born pulling out too, my only consolation prize for hearing this disappointing news are that these pretty preens can accompany me to the other shows to fill the void only slightly

Images via Style.com
Besides purchasing things, I have been a fairly busy bee but I'll save that for the next post. 
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Lip candy.

Rouge pur couture #13, #9 and #16

As of late I've become a YSL lipstick addict or possibly just a lipstick addict in general. If you think about it though lipsticks are a great accessory. The perfect solution to injecting a bit or a lot of colour to finish of your outfit. If you follow me on instagram (@bazaarb) you may have caught on to my addiction from my birthday YSL Rouge pur couture treat, to my courageous Illamasqua purple lips. Truth be told my compulsive lipstick buying habits began long before the time of capturing your every purchase or tweeting your latest crave. I say, never underestimate the power of a good lip colour. It holds the key to outfit elevation, from average to chic - try it! It is amazing what the right shade can do. Recently it's powers have extended beyond one's exterior and into one's mind, acting as a great study incentive to my little sister as she prepares herself for her yr 12 exams. A cheeky Volupte Sheer Candy in #10 did the trick. 

My lipstick collection is still young, so I'd love some lipstick recommendations if you have any. What are your favourite colours?
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Physical education and inspiration.

I've said it once and I'll say it again, Shopbop do some killer editorials. With the sportswear trend running around this season Shopbop have taken it back to the streets it's roots, the gym. Editorial complete with basketballs, a baseball bat and slicked backed 'gym hair'. I want to one day be able to create images as simple (and wearable) yet as creative as this. Shopbop, take me, I'd love to intern. #justsaying. 

Images via Shopbop.com

The concept, the styling, the photography, the editing, the process - it's all so fascinating and I can't wait to learn more about it when I start my first day of FBI fashion college on the 23rd of April. I am already a stylist but there's still so much to learn and absorb. Cheers to the road ahead! Seeing editorials like this inspires me to keep on experimenting and if there is one quote I live by it's:

"You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great" - Zig Ziglar

xx B


Blacked out.

 My ever-decreasing presence on the blogesphere has got me a little down and feeling very blah blah about everything, so I bring you - blacked out. Yes, a fitting title for my (almost) black-on-black ensemble and lack of blogging drive as of late/all of this year. All will be saved as April is the month of change I've decided. So sit back, buckle up and bookmark this page! My goal leading up to MBFW is to blog more - DIY's, outfits, behind-the-scenes of photoshoots, reviews and a whole lot of little lady love - not in the lesbian sense my brother has repeatedly pointed out about my blog's name. 

For my return post I thought I'd showcase this Zara top which I was lucky enough to snap up yesterday before all the fashion hungry vulture's swooped in. Paired back with my acid wash-looking Bree Bennett Vintage leather skirt. It is lush and apparently all the craze back in it's hay day. I found this out when I wore it to the NSW leather shop to pick up leather with Karen for the Zipporra Spring/summer collection last year. That guy (so so terrible with names) the owner - I think, damn seriously memory of a fish! - he is so full of knowledge and personality, he's a must see if you ever hit up the leather shop. 

Wearing Zara top | Sportsgirl chocker | Bree Bennett Vintage skirt | Prada sunglasses | Wittner sandals | YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipstick #13