I feel your Ora.

Peek - a - boo. I've seen you? Yes this girl Rita Ora has been circulating the magazines, and style sites for some time now. She's been pinned as The One to Watch and rightly so. With hits that make you want to ...party and bullish*t and style that has Air Jordan's prescribed, this starlet has girls flocking to they're boyfriends (or in my case brother's) wardrobes stealing their beanies and bomber jackets. 

Besides her 'what nationality am I' mystique and being Rihanna's  doppelganger , this British-born Albanian beauty has talent! Rocking my world as well as Rob Kardashian ASOS's too - being the most recent Cover girl for their September issue. 

 I think I've discovered her style and it comes down to this, so listen up.
Rita Ora formula: Feminine silhouettes paired back with masculine shoes (give Jordan's or ghetto Timberlands a try), statement jackets and ravishing red lips. 

Here she poses as everyone's favourite hipster, rocking the camo trend like no other hipster has ever done before. She makes me want a camo print jacket, beanie, scarf, socks, shoes, pants, leggings and even possibly peroxide blonde hair - the power of The Ora (jokes on the last one... I'd be Asian orange if I tried). But no worries, give that Camo trend a try with Topshop carrying some great pieces, Carhartt, Ksubi and Asos here, here or here

R.I.P to the girl you used to see, her days are over. I want to be Rita Ora. 

View the complete Rita Ora feature here and shop her outfits. Gosh ASOS makes it easy!

P.s Kudos to those who got my Rita Ora references ;) 

All images via Asos.com


Bizarre Bazaar

Last month I got to style the Bizarre Bazaar Emerging Designer Market campaign. At my fingers tips I had fresh meat - yea I said it - just like seeing the new girl at school and wanting to befriend her straight away, I was that girl to the collections and I couldn't wait to see what I could create with the loads of patterns and textures of the pieces. This is what I came up with, pairing it all back with some of your favourite brands on the high-street.

Wearing: Fairground Twist Crop Top from St Frock | MINKPINK Rose Gold belt also from St Frock | Laurel & Hector Vintage lace mini | Red Sky At Night Jewellery Shell Pendant - with cool melted silver - tres chic!

Model (left): Magical Wonderland Cosmic Gold bustier | Faddoul War & Wisdom skirt | Cinnamonsister Chloe Necklace | Laksmono Faux Fur jacket | United Nude heels

Model (Right): Magical Wonderland Gold Eclipse bustier | Achea-Mpong by Mutesi Designs | Chosen By Long Golden Cuff | Chosen By Gold Crest Pendant Necklace

Model (left) wears: Laurel & Hector Vintage Mocking bird 70's dress | Laksmono Faux Fur leather sleeve jacket
Model (right) wears: Magical Wonderland Gold Eclipse bustier | Kuerida 'JAXON' necklace | Laurel &  Hector Vintage Good girls Gone bad Lace Mini 

Model (left): Laksmono Orange Suede Top | Grimm Noir 'Rock n Roll' hand-painted leather gloves | Chosen by Gold Round Cuff | St Frock knitted skirt in Tan | Stylists own fur vest

Model (right): Magical Wonderland Black lace halter bustier | Achea-Mpong by Mutesi African Print Suit | Staple the Label Silk Wash pants  Golden Steps to Success Ring | Grimm Noir Spike earrings 

The team did so well considering we did shoot this on a cold and gloomy day at the abandoned parts of the old Mental institution in Rozelle. On a side note oddly enough it is partly converted into the Sydney college of the Arts - how very avant grade, how very fitting. I will admit I found it hard to walk back and forth by myself in the buildings where some pieces of furniture, bath tubs and name tags still remained - it. was. whack. Thankfully dodged shooting in the locked up 'May contain Asbestos' building that the security guard thought we'd like to shoot in - ahhh no thanks mate. All in all the team was stellar! Thanks Bex Cook for your talent behind the lens, Lauren Bhatt for being so great at Makeup, Kiss & Makeup by Caite for the hairstyling, the twin models - Ellie and Amelia Chapman for being amazingly alike and the man behind it all Chris McLaren for your incredible vision and support for these emerging designers. 

And one last Thankyou for all the great designers and PR people - especially Zo at the PR dept and Katrina from The Pr Gals you guys are phenomenal! 


Stolen and swept away by Molten Relic

With the thousands of online stores at the ready simply by the touch of your fingers it is no wonder so many people are in-debt sporting such "Where-did-you-get-that" pieces. Molten Store is that store with a dreamlike feel as you move from page to page, endlessly opening tabs to every piece you wish you could have in a heart beat. More recently Molten Relic - the in-house jewellery label of Molten Store - has rocketed into it's own league of cool; inspired by edgy embellishments and their muse Olivia who stars in their most recent campaign titled Wind Swept

Shot alongside the mystical ocean it provides the perfect backdrop for this enticing range. With the wind fluttering through her hair ever so gently, it breathes life into the Molten Relic Muse, Olivia. It is beautiful to see and I couldn't just keep these images to myself - that would be selfish.  

Photography, Libby Willis | Styling, Sarah Birchely | Art Direction, Jessy Cameron

Now back to those tabs I was telling you about, these are just a few of my ever-growing Molten Store pieces. From L to R: Molten Relic Life-like Merchandise bracelet $59.00, Molten Relic The Lost Boys necklace $59.00,  Molten Relic Dial Tone Cuff $59.00, Knots & Knits Moon Glow clutch $199.00, Rachel Preffer x Molten Store Large Pyrite ring $189.00 and the PiƱata Earrings in Copper $39.00. You may recognise a few of them from this cool chick (2nd image down) at Fashion Week. Who is she you ask? Jessy Cameron, the Mother hen of Molten Store aka the owner. I had the same reaction when I first saw her - Wow, Who's that girl?. Then we met and realised we knew each other via Email and twitter! And although she's from Queensland and I'm from New South Wales and there's meant to be some "State Of origin Rivalry" at the moment (what a tight score last night. I was a little crushed), her contagious smile and warm personality is simply beautiful just like her store. 

I'll leave you with a parting gift, a video from the Rachel Preffer x Molten Store collaboration. Everyone loves a bit of sparkle, check it out:


Be a little crazy

There is not much one can expect when wearing cinched in high-waisted, baggy 'obese' green and white printed pants except when paired with a harmful amount of spikes, a dash of sparkle and some heels. What you get? (other than a mob of eyes following your every move) ...an overall cool factor that makes you think you're back in Fashion Week being shot by Tommy Ton or someone incredible like that. But snap back to reality! This ain't no fashion week, this is Sunday at the beach and I can't say I didn't love the hilarious 'What the' looks from the parents playing with their kids, or groups of women walking past. Ok, so I'm a little overdressed for the typical tracksuit pants and t-shirt combo required for a Sunday stroll and I get it - sports-chic is in - but these pants were too good to pass up! It was awkward at first - even I'll admit it, but you just need to own your looks, be brave and stand tall - or as tall as you'll ever be with filipino heritage and the highest heels your feet can handle. I think this makes me a whole 155cm? ...160? no way that's definitely pushing it. 

Vintage beaded silk jacket, Zara T-shirt, Vintage pants courtesy of Monica Morales' ever expanding wardrobe, Topshop heels and Prada sunglasses. 
It was my perfect Sunday brunch outfit to relax in with my friend Monica on our day off. Sydney brought out its best, baring nothing but blue skies and warm rays.  

All that hard work for that Lady Gaga costume didn't go to waste, this belt is so 'everyday' right? ..right? ...Looking for affirmation here! Could I get away with this at say... Church? in my Sunday best? Or would that be definitely pushing the boundaries a little too much? Let me know what you think. 

Photos by Monica Morales