How much does a hipster weigh?

...An instragram. I weigh about 15, so here they are.

(L-R) 1. a. One sleek rail of Tovah, Phoenix Keating and Flowers for a vagabond b. the coolest and cheapest jeans I own $19, Kmart - believe it c. New range of Sportsgirl accessories at the StyleMe event in Pitt St
2. a. Snap shot of Bianca (London model management) working some Aje sequins b. Bedazzling tools c. Celebrating my belated birthday V8 cake & macaroons at Adriano Zumbo Star City 
3. a. Having a must needed catchup with the original Zipporra Amigo's b. Exploring Sydney's finest Biennale at Cockatoo Island with my visiting family from New Jersey c. Since missing out on this in Europe last year, cannot wait for it to open! MmmMmm
4. a. My last StyleMe session with the great Monica Morales b. favourite DIY'd worn & torn denim c. Another winner of an outfit styled by Monica Morales
5. a. the outfit I wore for 'Monica Morales' day at work, aka dress-like-Monica-day with my Sportsgirl dress worn as a top, vintage blazer, Helmut Lang skirt and converse b. Yep, I bedazzled my grandma's cane, this way she'll always remember me in NJ. Love you Lita Brown - she seriously is the filipino version of Betty White! c. french toast made to perfection from a cute cafe on Oxford St, Paddington.

And if there was a soundtrack for my blog for the past month it would probably be the sound of crickets and no one really likes the sound of that, so to put an end to the silence I'll give you the best harmonies you'll ever listen to by MITSOTU & I hope you enjoyed a healthy dose of instagramin' jam-in' pictorials by yours truly

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P.s I met Christine Centenera today, it was awesome. 
She wore army pants and flip flops  some kick ass clothes, so tomorrow I'll wear some kick ass clothes.

Haha look alive! Enjoy your week!