Birthday suit.

Alert the nursing home. I'm 20! ...Shit. No longer a teenage stylist. Finally got myself some street-cred! To farewell my teenage years I decided to celebrate in these sequinned Sass and Bide party pants - although, the boy-in-the-striped-pyjamas reference stuck pretty much all night. Strutting down the harbour with the wind in my hair I realised how 70's my outfit looked. The plunging V neckline, slightly flared pants, platforms and waved hair - disco ready! It should have hit me the first time after the lady at the alteration place aka my BFF asked if these were my dancing pants. ...They aren't. I can imagine them with a crisp white tee and metallic sneakers - or if I'm lucky/rolling in money those Isabel Marant ones in black and white would be perfection mmmmm. Alternatively, I can't wait for the weather to drop a little and toughen the look up with a cropped leather jacket, the pastel yellow Acne one would be divine, or any kind of Acne leather really. Again, I leave this blog post dreaming about beautiful pieces I simply can not afford - why do I always do this to myself? Ahh signing out. I have 6 bags of mens clothes I need to style for the Hype DC/Shubar shoes shoot I've got on friday. Over and out.

Birthday suit includes: Staple dress worn as a top, Sass and Bide 'The Righteous one' pant, Sportsgirl wallet/bag, Beau Coop wedges, YSL ring and Illariy cuff.



Magic is simply what happens when you combine two fantastical Aussie labels Romance was Born and Dion Lee. Coupled with an A-team of fine talent starring fresh Aussie beauty, Maddison Brown, the films mystery and intrigue only escalates. She is definitely one to watch. 

A film by Alice and Grace Joel
Model: Maddison Brown @ Chic | Cinematographer: Emma Paine | Design: Alice Joel and Ben Wilson | Editor: Nicholas Lever | Fashion Editor: Grace Joel | Hair & Makeup: Peter Beard for MAC | Score: Flynn Wheeler | Camera Assistant: Nicola Bartos


A new kind of me.

1. 3.1 Phillip Lim vest | 2. 3.1 Phillip Lim skirt | 3. 3.1 Phillip Lim minute bag | 4. Sam Edelman sandals

Since laying my eyes on the link that lead me to Love Aesthetics last year, I've admired Ivania's monochromatic, minimalist approach and I'd like to take a few notes out of her very clean and crisp aesthetic. Now, I'm not saying I'm going to drop the rainbow and patterns that is my wardrobe but I do want to invest in more structured fabrics, interesting silhouettes and simplistic details (zippers!). My change of thinking may have come at a great time with Mr Phillip Lim bringing out everything that is a perfect balance between colour and design in both accessories and clothing - dreamy. 

And I'll leave it at that before I rant on about how much I really need that buttery pink leather vest. $1185 is just a little out of my price range, I don't want to be borderline broke. That would be a lot worse than having that vest and living on the streets - not a good look (although, it may have just crossed my mind, once, maybe twice). **Back to saving for NYC I go.

Over and out. 


HUNT NO MORE, they've got what you need.

From this photo you'd think it's your typical friday night soiree, but don't let the dagger cocktails, and dressed up crowd fool you. Tuesday must be the new friday as we celebrated the launch of Sydney's newest and edgiest label - Hunt No More, and you really won't have to. The label has designed some wicked pieces with sequins, faux fur trimmings, black on black detailing and a few spots of everyone's-favourite-winter-colour, burgundy. 

The mood was electric with the Dj spinning some old-school classics as we downed those delicious daggers. Seriously what was in them? Hunt no more, I've found my kind of drink!

Among the fashion savvy crowd were fellow Sydney based bloggers Darren from Boy Moments, Lauren from Your Only Blackswan and Fashion Fazer's Maria. We had a ball watching each other sip on champagne and cocktails whilst always, always trying to get 'the shot' for our blogs. Multi-tasking at it's best. I clearly was not the best at this, dropping my camera in order to chat and hand out a business card was not a good move. Hence the lack of my own photos. (Except the one photo below)

Models worked the party sporting Hunt No More's fierce pieces. That jacket, yes please!

The dagger.
All images (except one) courtesy of Torstar communications.


Down the rabbit hole

Since I last posted and let you in about the wall I've hit recently - just to clarify, I know I'm clumsy and may have fallen down a few stairs last week, and recently injured a few body parts long boarding, but this hitting a wall business it isn't literal - ...my other outlet to save me from completely going down the rabbit hole is my personal style. Although, the average person who watches me waiting at my train station every morning may think I have completely lost it. I haven't. This vintage gold metallic vest that was once a blazer lost it's arms in a war battle  when it decided to look ridiculously oversized on me, so off went the sleeves. Worn to accompany these beautifully patterned Alice McCall pants and rawly cropped Bettina Liano long-sleeve. It was the perfect pick-me-up outfit - maybe not for the men, but for me anyway. Who dresses for men these days? Maybe I'm reading way too much Man Repeller.

DIY lace rabbit ears, the result of my friend having the BEST Alice in Wonderland meets Willy Wonka themed party. I was the white rabbit. 

Peace out from me. Hope your all having a great day down the rabbit hole or not. 

xx B



I have hit a wall in my routine full time working grove and the only thing I wanted to do to cure this monotonous feeling was to get creative and style. For a while now I've been toying with the idea of a shoot inspired by the iconic Brigitte Bardot. She embodies a strong sense of femininity and always holds a certain curiosity in her eyes. With winter coming I thought I'd get a team together, test out my styling skills and see where our imagination would take us. 

Off we went creating our interpretation of a Brigitte Bardot holiday, although Hyde park is no St Tropez
With the weather more than perfect, clothing pretty damn divine and a team of crazy creatives, there was nothing holding us back from getting a good shot in the short 2hrs we had to shoot it. Although, that feeling of uncertainty still lingered around for a few days until a new email popped up in my mail titled "Final Editorial" This was the moment and I'm so pleased with it! 

This has to be my favourite part about having a blog. It's my own safe space where I can post up things I have created along with my crazy style and ranting words - kind of like being in preschool. 

I can't thank everyone who took a part in this shoot enough, Nusardel, Rochelle, Kevin, Belle, Liana and even the ice cream man who agreed to stop for a while so we could get our shot. Thanks for lending your time and talents - they've well and truly paid off! To Mossman clothing, Hype DC, Wayne Cooper, Bettina Liano and Zipporra, thanks for having such great pieces for me to work with!

Until my next creative collaboration xx B