Classic Diane

Dress, Jumpsuit, top, skirt, power adaptor & clock bag all DVF, available on matchesfashion.com
Diane Von Furstenberg - what a label, what a woman. Lets venture back to where it all started with a dress. Not any dress. The iconic wrap dress. It is impossible to talk about Diane von Furstenberg without paying homage to the design that she brought to life in 1972. This simple idea started Diane’s reign over the fashion scene and is still as popular as ever 40 years later. In the Seventies this dress was a symbol for women’s liberation which is no surprise with Diane’s empowering self-loving mottos.

I personally love seeing what she has created every season and how she reinvents her original wrap dress design. Print. I think it's all in her print. It's bold, feminine and classic. I feel like whether your 20 and going to a job interview, 35 and catching up with some friends, or 50 and celebrating the big Five-Oh, Diane has something for you. It may be her eye-catching individual prints, her classic shapes or quirky accessories you are drawn to, but this lady knows how to dress a woman and rightly so - she is one stylish lady herself. 

Oh Diane, teach me your ways. 


Just too Goot to be true

"I'm a slave for you" was possibly the soundtrack of my life leading up to my little sisters graduation ball. I'm not going to lie, I did enjoy the dress sourcing, makeup-booking, planning and errand running that was involved. But lets just stop and talk about my favourite part of the entire process - dress shopping! It all started with an idea and originally Angelica had her eyes set on this Carla Zampatti gown but after many hours of looking through racks of dresses we forgot about the gown and landed ourselves exploring beautiful lace dresses from Lover in The Strand Arcade. 

At that point, I had voted for the Wiccan lace dress on the left, dad and mum voted for the Serpent dress in the middle but the mini Wiccan dress in black was just so chic and Angelica was left tangled in-between all her intricately detailed choices. We left Lover feeling undecided and headed to The Intersection on Paddington's Oxford St to visit the newly opened Josh Goot store. 
With images of Vogue Fashion editor Christine Centenera wearing what I thought was a dress from Josh Goot's resort collection (see here), I instantly thought - Angelica! It was elegant, fun and everything I knew Angelica would love. Initially she had her doubts about wearing a corset and skirt, but upon seeing the Flower Bomb corset in-store she was drawn to it like a mouse is to cheese! They may not have had her size in-store, she may have barely even tried it on, but she knew she had found the one. To say she decided in an instant is an understatement. 

My next mission was to find a perfectly draped black skirt with a split, jewellery and heels to complete her look. In the end we kept it simple and styled it back with a black Stylestalker skirt from The Iconic, Mimco earrings, Zara clutch and Topshop heels. We did buy this Peter Lang necklace, but ditched it last minute for Angelica's favourite earrings instead. 

It was a beautiful day (for her). While she was getting her hair upstyled at Renya Xydis I was wishing I got mine done too buying her blueberries, bandaids and formal underwear - yes please nominate me for greatest sister of the year. And while she got dolled up in her Lana-Del-Ray inspired look at Illamasqua I ran out to Pandora to buy her best friend a little 'I'm sorry - blame the HSC, but I forgot to order you a corsage' present. 

She just looked so beautiful! My little munchkin is all grown up & I'm so proud!