NYC Photo Diary

New York, New York, What a wonderful city. Where getting lost is all very pretty.

Each day I found myself writing (looong) lists and strategically making plans of where I wanted to go and the sites I wanted to see. But on my way, I would gradually venture deep into a side street with alluring brown-stone building apartments or to brightly coloured graffiti walls. My imagination and curiosity ran wild as I saw what I was only used to seeing on blogs or on the weekly episode of Gossip Girl. So, naturally I'd go and explore what was just across the block and the next block, and the block after that. But getting lost and being so far away from where I originally planned was purely part of being in New York City and getting lost 'ain’t nothing but a thang', probably the best thang that could’ve happened to me. It lead me long past 180th St, to The Cloisters (a museum part of The Met, but not The Met), showed me a stunning view of the city blocks of Harlem (see pic. 4) and took me through the streets of Manhattan to (finally) land back – only an hour later on a bus – to the iconic Met steps. But if getting lost isn’t your thang, the HopStop app will be like a guardian angel you wish you always had. I know it saved me more than a few times getting from A to B to C and D. He/She was my best friend in this big city alongside the equally helpful Metro Subway, oh and friendly new yorkers I met on the street. I can't wait to go back, I really had the time of my life!

1. Empire State showing off Manhattan's finest / 2. Enjoying the lights and chaos in Times Square / 3. NYU sparkle pony, apparently / 4. Harlem / 5. Catching up with a friend over Serendipity's Frozen Hot Chocolate, delicious! / 6. Magazine heaven in Soho / 7. The Empire State from Madison Square Park / 8. The beautiful New York City sunset / 9. Getting the White Christmas I always wished for / 10. Meeting the amazing Dannijo sisters - this was a moment I couldn't believe / 11. Exploring the MeatPacking district with the perfect partner in Crime / 12. Taking in the Brooklyn Bridge with my empire state of mind / 13. Soho

P.s Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone is feeling inspired for 2013.