Snapback to reality, you're not from Brooklyn

I feel like on lazy sundays like today, it gives you the right to dress a little more relaxed and a tad bit more street than just the two chains you'd usually wear on a day-to-day basis. Bring out the oversized hoodies, puffer jackets, low slung jeans and Air Jordan's and say hello to dressing like Rita Ora you-wish-you-were-from-Brooklyn. This may be a reoccurring theme ever since my 2 glorious weeks spent living in a cute apartment in Brooklyn, commuting to Manhattan and people watching while on the subway. So here is my take at street style: **snapback optional 

Elie Tahari pants paired back with my go-to J.W Anderson x Aldo white heels

Sportsgirl Sunglasses, vest and singlet, Elie Tahari pants, Marni cuff, J.W Anderson x Aldo heels and Brooklyn Nets cap. 
I must admit, after watching Jay-Z's 'Where I'm From' documentary while packing up my things for New jersey, I did then hop in the shower and crank Empire State of Mind and possibly rap like I was Jay-Z too. But sshhh, that part no one else knows. 

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