The coming of age

Waiting for a night you've planned for for months in an outfit that you've had to scramble to find (in-order to out-do your work mates - on your own birthday - who have promised to dress to the nines, and/or sew til 2am) felt like a mix between, waiting for your long awaited HSC results, and counting down til Christmas Eve. 
The night didn't fail me, it was an amazing night spent with the greatest family and friends!
I couldn't have asked for a better birthday. 

With a cake inspired by Josh Goot roses and Dannijo Jewels, I really didn't want to cut the cake. But it had to be done. It was delicious - Choc Coconut cake with coconut buttercream filling - not gluten or dairy free for me, but so worth it! And the roses were real! Sorry for all the exclamation marks, it's almost Thursday but I'm still not over it - as you can probably tell. 

I decided to wear this Sass and Bide cape, Josh Goot crop, Topshop skirt, Sportsgirl necklace and Balenciaga heels. Makeup by Illamasqua


Snapback to reality, you're not from Brooklyn

I feel like on lazy sundays like today, it gives you the right to dress a little more relaxed and a tad bit more street than just the two chains you'd usually wear on a day-to-day basis. Bring out the oversized hoodies, puffer jackets, low slung jeans and Air Jordan's and say hello to dressing like Rita Ora you-wish-you-were-from-Brooklyn. This may be a reoccurring theme ever since my 2 glorious weeks spent living in a cute apartment in Brooklyn, commuting to Manhattan and people watching while on the subway. So here is my take at street style: **snapback optional 

Elie Tahari pants paired back with my go-to J.W Anderson x Aldo white heels

Sportsgirl Sunglasses, vest and singlet, Elie Tahari pants, Marni cuff, J.W Anderson x Aldo heels and Brooklyn Nets cap. 
I must admit, after watching Jay-Z's 'Where I'm From' documentary while packing up my things for New jersey, I did then hop in the shower and crank Empire State of Mind and possibly rap like I was Jay-Z too. But sshhh, that part no one else knows.